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We’re Big In Pump Cable

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Posted On May 15, 2018   |  Press, Announcements, Industry News  |   152   |    79

When lives are on the line, when the job is tough, when a deadline couldn’t be tighter, when the order seems daunting, Paige Pumpwire is up to the task.

Pennsylvania Miners were in trouble when they called on Paige to supply the really big pump cable necessary for the job. Nine miners were trapped in Somerset County for over 77 hours in flooded conditions 240 feet underground.

Portal entrances at the mine were nearly underwater, and it was vital to pump them free to save the lives of those miners. At the end of the ordeal, the miners survived, and Paige was happy to play a role by providing large cable capable of pumping water at high rates under extreme pressure.

At Paige we’ve got your big cable needs covered! Big sizes of flat jacket: up to 3C 500MCM. Big sizes of round jacket up to 3C 1,000MCM. We have the biggest inventory of large pump cables, always available from stock. And, we’re big in quality and service, too.

When you think big, think Paige Pumpwire!

Jim Coffey

Jim Coffey

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