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A specially designed coupler for Paige AgWire’s CIC cable to connect the conduit together with a water proof and air proof connection. E-LOC & E-LOC TRANSITION COUPLINGS CONDUIT ACCESSORIES specially designed for Paige AgWire’s CIC cables
The E-Loc Coupling is a compression coupling that provides a watertight/airtight connection in buried or restrained applications. The ability to join dissimilar materials, such as-PVC, HOPE, fiberglass, or metal, makes the E-Loc a versatile coupling for the telephone, electrical, and cable industries. Patented. E-Loc Couplings are available to fit conduit sizes from 3/4” through 4”. Easy to install without the need for additional tools or equipment. Watertight to 200 psi restrained on smooth wall conduit. Also seals on ribbed and corrugated duct. Custom lengths and non-standard IPS diameters are available. Allows for transitions between different materials with one coupling. E-Loc Transition Couplings have all the great features of an E-Loc coupling while providing a transition from one size conduit to another. This includes the ability to transition to dissimilar materials such as PVC, HOPE, fiberglass, and metal. Allows for transitions between different sizes and materials with one coupling.
  • Can join ducts made from dissimilar materials
  • Can withstand 200 psi restrained on smooth wall conduit
  • Size range from 3/4” through 4”
  • Transitions between sizes available
  • No additional tooling required for installation
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