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600V STEELFLEX armored/methane/natural gas Cable – P7343-SP-OG

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Steelflex - METHANE Pump Cable

600V STEELFLEX armored/methane/natural gas Cable – P7343-SP-OG




XLPE - Cross-Linked Polyethlene


Galvanized Steel Wire


14 - 4 AWG 


INSULATION JACKET: PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride Compound OUTER JACKET: Polyethylene

Temp Dry/Wet

90°C Dry, 90°C Wet

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Steel Wire Armored cable is integral filled to eliminate gas migration and is rated for use in Deep Well Submersible Methane Gas. Outer jacket is special black flame retardant PE type ST7 FR acc. to IEC 60502-1.

Cable is designed for Severe Duty applications where armoring is usually required. The jacket, made with an extra hard abrasion and impact resistant HDPE compound minimizes the potential for damage under severe conditions. The Armor is made of Steel Wire Armor that will not break down like aluminum will is gaseous environments. The inner PVC Jacket eliminates the possibility of any gas wicking so ballooning of the cable is essentially eliminated even if the outer jacket and armor are compromised. The cable is rated for use in deep well submersible fracking, methane and natural gas applications not exceeding 90°C.

Conductors: Class B stranded copper

Insulation: Cross-linked polyethylene XLPE in accordance with IEC 60502-1.

Bedding: PVC compound.

Armor: Single layer of galvanized steel wires applied spirally over the bedding Serve Wire Armor (SWA).

Outer Jacket: Black PVC type ST2 FR accordance to IEC 60502-1.

Core Identification: HD 308 S2 or according to your order.

Maximum Conductor Operating Temperature: Safety yellow PVC overall jacket meeting the requirements of UL83.

Lowest Installation Temperature: 0˚C

Operation Temperature: -30˚C to +90˚C

Maximum Short-Circuit Conductor Temperature: +250˚C

Flame Retardant: IEC 60332-3C

Minimum Bending Radius: 6 x D cables with circular copper conductors D – overall diameter of the cable.