Products Oil & Gas600V impact/fracking/methane/natural gas pump cable

600V impact/fracking/methane/natural gas pump cable

Product Type

Fracking Cables

Gauge Size

10 AWG - 4 AWG






PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

600 Volt 3/C with Ground THHN/HDPE
Conductor: Class C (19 strand), soft drawn, bare copper per ASTM B3 and ASTM B8. Insulation: Heat and moisture resistant, polyvinyl chloride meeting the requirements of UL 83 for Type THHN and THWN wires. The insulation is acceptable for use in locations of 90˚C dry or 75˚C wet. The insulation thickness is in accordance with Table 25.1 of UL 83. Conductor jacket: A nylon jacket is applied directly to the surface of the PVC insulation. Nylon shall meet the requirements of UL 83. The thickness is in accordance with Table 25.1 of UL 83. Ground Conductor: Class C (19 strand), soft drawn, bare copper per ASTM B3 and ASTM B8. The conductor is insulated with PVC/Nylon and the nominal overall diameter shall equal the insulated circuit conductors. Assembly: The insulated circuit and grounding conductors are laid flat and parallel together. The jacket will be applied directly over the insulated conductors encapsulating them. Jacket: Heat and moisture resistant, black high density polyethylene (PE) meeting the requirements of UL 83. The thickness in accordance with Table 25.5 of UL 83. Color Code: Black, yellow, red & green grounding conductor. Surface Marking: The overall jacket will have the following information printed: PAIGE IMPACT PUMP CABLE NUMBER AND “size of conductor” THHN OR THWN CRDS 75˚C WET 600 V(UL)
Cable is designed for extra hard usage where flexibility and durability of armoring is usually required. The jacket, made with an extra hard abrasion and impact resistant compound minimizes the potential for damage under severe conditions. The tight HDPE Jacket minimizes the chance for gas migration which in turn eliminated the possibility of the jacket ballooning. The cable is rated for use in deep well submersible fracking, methane and natural gas applications not exceeding 75°C.
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