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15000V SP SHIELDED-GC cable – P7364-SP

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15000V SP SHIELDED-GC cable – P7364-SP




EPR - Ethylene Propylene Rubber


4 AWG - 500 MCM



Temp Dry/Wet

90°C Dry, 90°C Wet

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SHIELDED 15,000V 90°C

Shielded, Medium, Voltage, High ampacity, Flexible Submersible Pump Cable designed for use as heavy duty deep well fresh or salt water suitable for continuous submersion to 984’. Dual rated submersible and SHD-GC. Impact, abrasion, Ozone, Sun, Water, Heat, Oil, and Flame resistant.

These Cable are used for Heavy Duty Submersible Motors where shielding is required and Per NEC code for motors over 2400Volts. The cables are (Cul) Listed Submersible Pump Cable and MSHA Approved. Designed for use as heavy duty deep well fresh or salt water (suitable for continuous submersion to 984′) submersible pump.

  • Excellent flexibility.
  • Highly ozone, sun, weather, water and flame resistant.
  • Rated and flexible at –40ºC.
  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistant.
  • Oil and heat resistant.
  • Indent printed for easy identification.

Conductors: Annealed flexible stranded tin coated copper in accordance with ASTM B-172 and ICEA S-75-381.

Conductor shielding: Semi-conducting layer over the conductor.

Insulation: Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR).

Insulation shield: Non conducting bedding tape +composite tinned copper/fiber braid. Covering minimum 60%.

Circuit identification: The nylon in the shielding braid is colored black, white, red in accordance with ICEA S-75-381.

Grounding conductors: Annealed tin coated copper as per Tab. 3-24 of ICEA S-75-381.

Ground check: Annealed tin coated copper as per Tab. 3-21 of ICEA S-75-381. Color of insulation: yellow

Assembly: Three power, ground check and two non-insulated grounding conductors cabled together. Single faced rubber filled binder tape applied overall. Integral filled jacket for higher torsion resistance.

Jacket: A reinforced NEOPRENE, CPE, TPU optional jacket available. Type extra heavy duty in accordance with Par. 3.21 of ICEA S-75-381.

Color of jacket: Black, other colors available upon request


  • P-7K-254029-1 (Neoprene)
  • P-7K-268101 (CPE)
  • P-07-KA030001 (TPU)

Standard length cable packing: 1000 ft reels. Other forms of packaging available upon request.

Standard Print Legend

Paige Electric Hydroflex Submersible Pump Cable
15,000Volts Shielded 90°C (Cul) E# MSHA P7364D

(1) Ampacity- Free air measured; Based on continuous duty at 90˚C conductor temperature
(2) Short-circuit current (1s) – Based on conductor temperature from 90˚C up to 250˚C