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Molded Assemblies that are Up to the Job

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Posted On May 15, 2018   |  Products & Innovation, Industry News, Technology News  |   184   |    56

Paige Electric Company has been producing vulcanized rubber and plastic-molded assemblies since the mid-1980s, a job many believe is the most demanding in the industry.

In order to be RoHS compliant insulation, jacketing materials have had to be updated with the latest designs. Materials that once worked well, no longer do so.

Our customers count on our expertise to overcome problems like these. That’s why Paige Pumpwire dedicated engineers extensively research alternative materials to give us the insight needed to produce world-class molded assembly solutions that keep you ahead of the curve. Paige is (UL) CSA ANSI NSF-61 certified and is working towards CE-approval as well.

In the short and long run, Paige molded assemblies are designed to do your job properly without breaking your bank account.

The pluses of Paige Pumpwire vulcanized rubber assemblies.

  • Manufactured with (UL) CSA approvals.
  • We vulcanize rubber at high temperatures and use no potting compounds.
  • We bond the jackets & wire insulation to assure complete integrity and zero leakage.
  • We test to upwards of 1000 PSI
  • The assembly approvals stand by themselves so replacement leads in the eld are no longer a concern.
  • We can do single conductor, Flat Jacketed, and Round Jacketed constructions.
  • Over 30 years of manufacturing experience.
  • 100% testing available to assure zero defects.
  • Ability to do just in time inventory by carrying the largest inventory in the industry.

Jim Coffey

Jim Coffey

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