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Term Description
Tank TestA voltage dielectric test in which the test sample is submerged in water and voltage is applied between the conductor and water as ground
Tape WrapA spirally applied tape over an insulated or uninsulated wire
Tear StrengthThe force required to initiate or continue a tear in a material under specified conditions
TeflonA DuPont company trademark for a family of fluorocarbon resins
Temperature RatingThe maximum temperature at which an insulating material may be used in continuous operation without loss of its basic properties
Tensile StrengthThe pull stress required to break a given specimen
Thermal RatingThe maximum and/or minimum temperature at which a material will perform its function without undue degradation
Thermal ShockA test to determine the ability of a material to withstand heat and cold by subjecting it to rapid and wide changes in temperature
ThermocoupleA device consisting of 2 dissimilar metals in physical contact, which when heated will develop an EMF output.
Thermocouple ElementA thermocouple designed to be used as part of an assemble, but without associated parts such as the terminal block, connecting head, or protecting tube
Thermocouple Extension WireA pair of wires of dissimilar alloys having such emf-temperature characteristics complimenting the thermocouple which is intended to be used, such that when properly connected allows the emf to be faithfully transmitted to the reference junction
Thermocouple Wire (Grade)A pair of wires of dissimilar alloys having emf-temperature characteristics calibrated to higher temperature levels than the extension type of thermocouple wire
ThermoplasticA material which softens when heated and becomes firm on cooling
ThermosetA material which hardens or sets by heat, chemical or radiation cross-linking techniques and which, once set, cannot be resoftened by heating
THHN90C, 600V, nylon jacketed building wire for dry locations
THWN75C, 600V, nylon jacketed building wire for wet and dry locations
Tin Overcoat (TOC)Tinned copper wire, stranded, then coated with tin
Tinned copperTin coating added to copper to aid in soldering and inhibit corrosion
TinselA type of electrical conductor comprised of a number of tiny threads, each thread having a fine, flat ribbon of copper or other metal closely spiraled about it. Used for small size cables requiring limpness and extra-long flex life.
TopcoatBare (untinned) copper wire, stranded, then coated with tin
Transfer ImpedanceDefined as the ratio of internal longitude in a voltage to external current flow on the cable shield. It's used to determine shield effectiveness against both the ingress & egress of interfering signals
Transmission LineA signal-carrying circuit controlled electrical characteristics used to transmit high- frequency or narrow-pulse signals
Transmission LossThe decrease or loss in power during transmission of energy from one point to another. Usually expressed in decibels.
TrayA cable tray is a unit or assembly of units or sections, and associated fittings made of non-combustible materials forming a rigid structural system used to support cables
Tray cable A factory-assembled multiconductor or multipair control, signal or power cable specifically approved under the National Electrical Code for installation in trays
Triaxial Cable A cable construction having three coincident axes, such as conductor, first shield and second shield all insulated from one another
Triboelectric Noise Noise generated in a shielded cable due to variations in capacitance between shielding and conductor as the cable is flexed
Triple (Triad) A cable consisting of three insulated single conductors twisted together
Triplex A cable composed of three insulated single conductor cables twisted together
Tubing A tube of extruded nonsupported plastic or metallic material
Twin Cable A cable composed of two separately insulated stranded conductors laid parallel under a common covering
Twin Coaxial Cable A single cable consisting of two separate coaxial cables laid adjacent and parallel or twisted together
Twisted pair A twisted pair is composed of 2 small separately insulated wires twisted together without a common covering