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Term Description
ICEAInsulated Cable Engineers Association (formerly IPCEA)
IECInternational Electrotechnical Commission, similar to the ISO in structure and scope
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Impact StrengthA test for determining the mechanical punishment a cable can withstand without physical or electrical breakdown by impacting with a given weight, dropped a given distance, in a controlled environment
ImpedanceThe total opposition that a circuit offers to the flow of alternating current or any other varying current at a particular frequency. It is a combination of resistance R and resistance X, measures in ohms.
IMSAInternational Municipal Signal Association Specifications for Fire Alarm Cable
Induced CurrentAn electrical current set up in a circuit by cutting lines of force; a current caused by electromagnetic induction
InductanceThe property of a circuit or circuit element that opposes a change in current flow, thus causing current changes to lag behind voltage changes. It is measured in henrys
Inductive CouplingCrosstalk resulting from the action of the electromagnetic field of one conductor on the other
InsulationA material having high resistance to the flow of electric current. Often called the dielectric in radio frequency cable.
Insulation Resistance (I.R.)That resistance offered by an insulation to an impressed DC voltage, tending to produce a leakage current through the insulation
Insulation ThicknessThe wall thickness of the applied insulation
Interaxial Spacing1) Center-to-center conductor spacing in paired wire or 2) Center-to-center spacing between conductors in flat cable
Interconnecting CableThe wiring between modules, between units, or the larger portions of a system
InterferenceAny undesired electrical signal induced into a conductor by electrical or electromagnetic means
IntersticesVoids or valleys between individual strands in a conductor or between insulated conductors in a multi-conductor cable
IonizationGenerally, the dissociation of an atom or molecule into positive or negative ions or electrons. Restrictively the state of an insulator whereby it facilitates the passage of current due to the presence of charged particle usually induced artificially.
IP (Intelligent Peripheral Interface)An ANSI standard that defines the mechanical and electrical interface requirements for peripheral devices attached to and between computers
IrradiationIn insulations, the exposure of the material to high energy emissions for the purpose of favorably altering the molecular structure by crosslinking
ISAInstrument Society of America
ISOInternational Standards Organization