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Term Description
HalarA trade name of Ausimont USA for their copolymer or ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene. Abbreviation ECTFE
HalogenAny of the five elements: Fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine. These elements may be combined with insulation compounds to enhance flame retardancy.
Hard Drawn Copper WireCopper wire that has not been annealed after drawing
HarnessAn arrangement of wires and cables, usually with many breakouts, which have been tied together or pulled into a rubber or plastic sheath, used to interconnect an electric circuit
Hash Mark StripeA noncontinuous helical strip applied to a conductor for identification
Heat DistortionDistortion or flow of a material configuration due to application of heat
Heat EnduranceThe time of heat aging that a material can withstand before failing a specific physical or electrical test
Heat ResistanceAbility of a substance to maintain physical and chemical identity and electrical integrity under specified temperature conditions
Heat sealA method for sealing by thermal fusion
Heat ShockA test to determine stability of a material by sudden exposure to a high temperature for a short period of time
Helical StripeA continuous, colored, spiral stripe applied to a conductor for circuit identification
HenryUnit of inductance such that the induced voltage in volts is numerically equal to the rate of change in current in amperes per second
Hermetically SealedA gastight enclosure that has been completely sealed by fusion or other comparable means
Hertz(Hz)A term replacing cycles-per-second as a unit of frequency
High VoltageGenerally, wire or cable with an operating voltage of over 35,000 volts
Hi-potA test designed to determine the electrical integrity of an insulation
HIPPI (High Performance Parallel Interface)An ANSI standard which defines the mechanical, electrical, and signal protocol requirements for a simplex, high performance, point to point interface between data processing equipment
Hook-up WireA single insulated conductor used for low-current, low voltage (usually under 600 volts) applications within enclosed electronic equipment
HygroscopicCapable of absorbing and retaining moisture
HypalonDuPont's trade name for their chlorosulfonated polyethylene, an ozone resistant synthetic rubber
HzAn abbreviation or hertz