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We’re Big in Submersible Cable

From offshore, to the deepest recesses of the earth, Paige PumpWire is there for your heavy-duty cable needs.

We understand the challenges your business faces. You explore the furthest reaches, digging and drilling into some of the most challenging resources our world needs to thrive and survive.

We Are

  • Submersible Pump Cable Specialists
  • Knowledgeable in submersible applications
  • Leaders and Innovators in cable design and use for 50 years
  • Flexible in creating business solutions that meet your needs
  • Customer-Focused in designing programs that work for you
  • Stocking Programs
  • Specialty Cable Design and Manufacture

We Maintain

  • The Largest Stock Selection of Submersible Pump Cable.
  • Numerous Sizes 14 AWG – 1111 MCM
  • Types of Pump Cables
  • Flat/Round • Armored/Unarmored • Rubber/Plastic
  • 600V/Medium Voltage
  • A complete spectrum of cable and accessory needs
  • Coast-to-Coast distribution from our Stocking Warehouses.

We Deliver

  • Fast, Same-Day Shipping from Stock.
  • Hard-To-Find and Specialty items.
  • International Export and Distribution Expertise.

Paige PumpWire has been built on listening to your challenges and dedicating ourselves to solving them with proven engineering and innovation. Our products deliver unwavering performance and strength to take on the most difficult jobs.


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Our Vision

Whether it's beneath the unforgiving conditions of the sea, or buried deep within the harsh earth, Paige PumpWire is up to the task of delivering the highest quality wire that gives consistent performance.

Our Team

Kim Phillips

Sales Representative

Stop us if you’ve heard this one… A wire sales rep and a parrot walking in a factory… Well, it’s actually a true story. For 25 years, Kim has given her energy and dedication to to making every Paige PumpWire customer’s experience a success. And if you hear a “squawk” on the phone during a sales call, that’s just her beloved pet parrot who comes to work with her.

Jim Coffey

Director of Sales

For more than three decades, Jim has dedicated his life and career to the success of our Paige Electric customers. His journey has lead him to be a leader and respected name within the Water Well industry, Mining Industry and Oil and Gas industries.

Jim Cichy

Hazardous Location Specialist

Jim Cichy as a Paige engineer, he has developed the Paige Pump HL series of Class 1 Div 1 connectors, which will work closely with our OEM customers to facilitate connector integration into their product lines. Jim also works with special applications like pier-side, crane and special pump cables to reduce cost and improve reliability.

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